Following sustainable development principles for us means conducting business based upon environmental friendliness, social responsibility, and high-quality corporate governance.

Cooperation With Customers and Investors

Information regarding our products and services is open and available to both customers and investors. We aim to make our services the most convenient and advanced, to move towards platform solutions and digital products, as well as increase the security of their use for customers. The group's strategy makes it possible to offer investors various options for high-yield investment programs.

Cooperation With the Russian Central Bank

Perfecting scoring systems, constantly supplementing customer data sources, building up our own database, and switching to digital technologies permit us to fully comply with the recommendations of regulatory authorities.

In order to improve customer financial literacy, the group is implementing a federal project, directing its own resources to minimize the risk of making financially devastating decisions, teach citizens about financial security, improve their credit score, manage their financial burden effectively, and talk about ways to save money.

The group's companies are part of the project Digital Profile being implemented with support from the Russian Central Bank.

Social Projects & Charity

The group's financial policy strategy is aimed at sustainable growth, with a great amount of attention being paid to the well-being of society in those regions where the company operates.

The group pursues an active social policy, implementing corporate charitable projects and providing assistance via its own charitable foundation.