Charity occupies an important place in Finbridge GC's activities. By contributing to those conditions that aid in the well-being of society at large, we're supporting the Russian traditions of patronage and preservation of cultural heritage in those regions where we're present. The group's charitable projects are focused on assisting talented youth, supporting and promoting culture and education, protecting the environment, etc.

Socially Responsible Company

In 2020 MCC SKORFIN LLC (part of Finbridge GC) won "best charitable project by a microfinance organization" at the 4th All-Russian competition of socially significant projects. The competition is held with the expert support of the Russian Central Bank.

Charitable and social projects are implemented both by the group's employees and within the framework of the charitable foundations Good Deeds Now and Colorectal Cancer Foundation.

The charitable foundation Good Deeds Now was founded in 2015. During this time the foundation has helped more than 7,000 individuals, about 3,500 of them being young athletes. Over 70 social projects have been supported, with more than 50 social institutions having been improved.

The foundation's main focus is on supporting sports and promoting a healthy lifestyle. The foundation is additionally involved in improving the country's social environment. It provides assistance to the seriously ill, takes care of socially vulnerable segments of the population, and assists wards who find themselves going through tough times.

The foundation acts as a sponsor and co-organizer of mass social events aimed at encouraging a healthy lifestyle, donation, wildlife and environmental protection, national traditions, family values, and patriotic education. The foundation also works to improve the premises of social institutions such as schools, hospitals, orphanages, children's homes, and kindergartens.

The Colorectal Cancer Foundation was created in 2021 and aims to qualitatively change the entire system for monitoring, diagnosing, and treating bowel cancer. Over 60% of patients learn about their condition at stages 3 or 4. The foundation intends to alter the situation with awareness of this disease and by popularizing the need for affordable early diagnosis.