About Us

Finbridge GC is currently one of the leading fintech groups on the Russian market and a leader in terms of growth rates.

Finbridge GC's financial ecosystem unites various fintech companies providing financial products for both individuals and small businesses, a platform for accelerating marketplace merchants, as well as an online payment service and investment management.

Finbridge GC's investments to develop the ecosystem allow it to make its services the most convenient and advanced on the lending market for individuals and small businesses alike. The group develops remote online sales channels, its own mobile apps, messengers, and chatbots.

Finbridge GC includes its own IT company that develops proprietary software. It employs more than 300 developers at present.

The group's companies occupy leading positions on the Russian micro loan market, according to rating agencies. Its network of branches connects 300 service offices and is one of the largest in Russia. The group's companies are part of the project Digital Profile being implemented with support from the Russian Central Bank.

The group is a partner of large banks included in the list of systemically important banks in the country as per the Russian Central Bank.

Development History

In 2011 a fund was formed to open one of the largest microfinance projects in Russia. In 2015 Finbridge GC was founded. Since then, we have been moving forward towards developing a diversified fintech holding with a significant share of alternative products.

We plan to occupy a leading market presence in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) due to high operational efficiency, a single technological platform, and database.

Start of the Money Now project
Active expansion of the service office network across Russia
Start of the OneClickMoney project
Creation of the Corporate Academy
Creation of the charity foundation Good Deeds Now
Opening of an administrative office in Moscow
Merger of the online project OneClickMoney and Money Now
Start of the Lemon.online project
Start of the Cashtoyou project
Launch of the Money Now mobile app
Opening the first service offices in Moscow
Creation of the Colorectal Cancer Foundation